Hello, I am Wessel Verhey
Follow me on my way to become a developer

Be creative...

and see the beauty in life...

because creativity...

is endless.

> Welcome

Let me intoduce myself!

So, who am I?

As you might have seen already, I am Wessel Verhey, a (web) developer in the making. With already quite some experience, I am continuing my road of becoming a professional with my Application Development study.

I am always eager to learn more about programming and designing and use my creativity to create things in my own style. This way I can be proud of what I made. And as you might have noticed, I love FLAT. Oh, it looks so good. It's all so... flat, and.. flat. If you wish to know more about me, just continue reading, or take a look at my Portfolio or Curriculum Vitae.



Designing is an outlet for my creativity. Though it is not easy to be original with almost everything already being made, I still try to be unique. However it is not only in designing, creating functions in other languages is also something I'd like to be creative in. I am always trying to think of fun - but useful - functions.

Eager to learn

As I am very passionate in what I love to do, creating my own applications and designs, I know there is always more to learn, about everything. I am a quick learner and pick up new ways to do things better and faster. I'm not afraid to ask - and if I don't know something, I'll get the help from others. Everyone has their own specifications.


Even with my young age, I already have quite some experience both with freelance work and actual work experience. I have worked multiple years at i-Signaal B.V. - learning loads of new things. Besides that, I have done some freelance projects and I've worked (and work) on multiple projects.


It is not a problem for me to work with others, working in a team or instructing a group of people. I am easy to get along with and now and then I even crack a joke. Besides that, I love to be active in online communities, getting to know more people and learning from them.


Feedback is great - both receiving it and giving it to others. It is crucial as a developer, as you often need it to improve your work. However being able to give good, detailed feedback is great to help improve and inspire others. So if I work on something, I'll always ask for feedback of others and if someone asks me for feedback, I'll always give it to them.

Made with love

I love what I do! And that's very important if you want to deliver good work. It helps to stay motivated, happy and positive! I also loved it to make this <3